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Kickstart Portal - who are we?

Kickstart portal was founded to help businesses navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of government schemes and support grants, many of which can offer substantial grants for participation.

We can assist with everything from Traineeships & Apprenticeships to short term support schemes and can help you determine which schemes you are eligible for and how much you can claim from the government in your particular case.

Kickstart portal has a strong focus on getting young people into work and providing industry-leading training services and career guidance.

Whats popular right now?

Right now, Apprenticeships are more popular than ever, with the Kickstart Scheme coming to an end many young and eager individuals are looking to wholeheartedly peruse their new careers.

While many businesses are looking to take advantage of the governments generous subsidies and grants in relation to taking on an apprentice


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What makes the apprenticeship scheme such a good opportunity?

As an employer you will benefit from all of the below:

95% FUNDING from the governemnt

Most businesses are eligible for 95% of the apprentice training costs to be covered by the government


The training courses provided during an apprenticeship are some of the most highly praised learning procedures available, combined with on the job training an apprenticeship can enable a candidate hone almost any skillset to an exceedingly high degree.


For each apprentice you take on the government will award a £1,000 to £4,000 grant for you to spend as you wish.


For many apprentices this will be their first major step into a career they are passionate about and this represents an unparalleled opportunity for them to learn and grow with your business and its needs.

Upskill Existing Staff

An Apprentice does not have to be a new employee, you can enrol any existing staff member onto an apprenticeship, either to further their skills in their current job role or enhance their skills so they can take on new responsibilities, and you still received the full grant.


About the Kickstart Scheme

Kickstart Portal took part in the Kickstart Scheme in a big way when it launched back in 2020.

We received overwhelming interest from businesses across the UK who wanted to take part in the scheme to get more young people into work.

Our training service Kickstart Trainer has delivered tens of thousands of training courses to eager learners over the course of the Kickstart Scheme and continues to provide career skills mentoring to these individuals as the kickstart scheme comes to an end and many look to carry on their new careers through apprenticeships.

You can read about our participation in the Kickstart Scheme on our Blog

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Please note, the Kickstart scheme ended on 17th December 2021

We are sorry, the DWP are not accepting any more applications for the Kickstart Scheme.

However, all is not lost, we have something just as exciting for you… We are now taking applications for our apprentice & trainee Schemes! For further information, please register below

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