Vacancies throughout the UK for Work Coaches have been advertised yesterday,

( 12th January 2021) on the DWP’s Facebook page. The DWP have turned to Social Media and have re-doubled their effort to double the number of Work Coaches from 13,500 in their UK JobCentres to 27,000 strong to cope with the anticipated demand that the forthcoming wave of unemployment will bring. 

In the advert they are asking people from all walks of life to apply to the DWP

They are inviting interested parties to apply online to join their local JobCentrePlus branch in permanent positions at locations close to their own homes. The work will involve rolling out the Kickstart  Scheme and other Government initiatives, aimed at combating this wave of unemployment. These jobs were first advertised in the week commencing 9th November 2020 and following that recruitment effort 4500 new entrants to the DWP have been enrolled and are now training (remotely while COVID persists) to augment local branches and to learn their new responsibilities. 


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